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The uses for a 'Your 3D Space' 3D model are endless, here are a few examples of...

.... How A 3D Model Can Benefit You!

Carrying out some alterations on your home or business? 3D visuals from 'Your 3D Space' can help support planning applications!


Planning on a bit of DIY? 3D models provide a clear understanding of what your home alterations will look like. Understanding leads to peace of mind, ease of decision making, and a home plan to love.


Trying to sell a property? Providing a 3D model to show your properties potential will attract buyers.


Are you buying a house off plan? Want to see how your furniture, (whether existing or yet to be purchased) will fit? Want to plan how you may decorate it before the a keys are handed over?


Wanting further clarity from your Architect? Struggling to understand confusing 2d plans? 'Your 3D Space' can work with your Architect

to produce a 3D model, to clearly visualise your project.


A 3D Model has the ability to try out an Interior Design scheme before you implement it.


Save Money! The main aim of any renovation project from small DIY projects to a more elaborate construction scheme, is trying to keep costs down and a 3D model may seem like too much of a luxury. The opposite is true. A 3D model can virtually eliminate costly changes during construction.


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