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A bit more information as to what 'Your 3D Space' is all about ...

... 3D Visualisation Explained!

The use of 3D visuals is so widespread and the requests of our clients can be extremely diverse. No project is too big or small, from a simple white model to test whether that new piece of furniture you have your eye on is going to fit and how it might look, to creating a 3D architectural model in order to produce glossy presentation visuals for marketing campaigns. We specialise in interior and architectural visualising, but if you have a particular request please feel free to run it by us and we'll see what we can do.


Prices vary depending on your needs, we offer free quotes, so just contact us for details. You'll be surprised at how inexpensive a 3D model can be!


Our expertise has developed from 10 years of studying and working as Interior and Architectural Designers / 3D Visualisers in Architectural practices. We are proud to offer extremely cost effective solutions, making the use of visualising your home or business in 3D more accessible and affordable than ever before. We specialise in looking at your space and making it work better for you, and allow you to have a picture of your refurbishment project rather than just 2D plans, before starting on site.


We work in two ways, if you are based in the North East of England we can come to you and carry out our own site measurements to ensure we have an accurate representation of your space. Our second option, which has been the most popular in our commissions is for you to send us your plans and any other information such as photos and details of furniture etc via email. In fact the whole process can be carried out via email, we often never meet our clients face to face. This makes our company accessible not only in the North East but worldwide!


We can produce a 3D model based on very minimal information, however the more information we have, the better. It allows your model to be more detailed and more accurate. To make a start we need either CAD plans, or dimensioned floor plans. Plans don't need to be to scale or even expertly drawn, just as long as it is easily interpreted and includes all the necessary information.  

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