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A bit more information as to what 'Your 3D Space' is all about ...

... 3D Visualisation Explained!

Ideally the floor plan provided will show the location of walls, windows and doors. Ceiling heights, window heights and door heights are good to have too. But don't worry if the information you have is limited, we can use standard dimensions, and make assumptions from photos! The more photos you can send us the better, photos can help us determine the scale of something (our experience has given us a great eye for this!) they also allow us to provide details that may be overlooked, from, window designs, door details to skirting profiles etc. all of which add to a realistic representation.


If you have any furniture you want adding to your model, as long as you supply us with images and dimensions or a link to a website, we can recreate it. Any other details you want including, don't forget to tell us about it, from window treatments, styles of door handles, lighting fixtures etc.


If your looking to add colour and texture to your 3D model and want to include specific paint colours, wallpapers and fabrics, like with your furniture a link to a website or an image will give your space the accurate finish you require! Images of fabrics and wallpapers can be imported directly into the model. If the purpose of the model is to showcase an interior design scheme, colour is vital, however if you just require a splash of colour to bring your model to life, we are happy to produce colour concepts to support this! This is particularly preferred amongst our clients, who want to see internal aerial views to showcase their developments.


Presentation of your model can come in many forms, and each project is unique. We extract as many stills as possible from your model, in order for you to view your space from all angles. As a standard, our models can come in the form of simple line models, white, or in colour, some of our clients prefer our sketchy look models to give a sense of space without focusing on too much detail. If you require a more overall view of your model, we can create a Fly-around or Walkthrough Animation, for you to play until your hearts content. Other presentation options consist of glossy rendered visuals, where you can determine your preferred angle from the raw model stills we send you, and from there we develop your image through test renders which you have the opportunity to make comments and changes prior to completion of your final artwork. Rendered views are typically used by our clients for promotional material.

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